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Adoption Event – Pug Rescue of Florida

June 9th, 2018

Be ready! On June 30 th, from 10 am to 2 pm, the adorable Pugs will be back to Hollywood Houndz in the 3rd edition of Pug Meet and Greet.

Pug Rescue of Florida , Inc. (PROoF) is a non-profit organization that operates through a  network of volunteers and sustains itself through both fund-raising efforts and the generous financial support of private individuals and commercial entities. Their main purpose is to find a caring and safe home for rescued Pugs. During this event, you will be able to interact with our furry guests and take pictures with them in the kissing booth.

In the 16 th century, Pugs were brought from China to Europe. During this time, they became popular at European courts, such as in England and Netherlands. They were painted in Italy and Spain and even used by the military to track animals and people and also as guard dogs.

As far as their personality is concerned, trey’re often described as  multum in parvo, which means “much in little”, alluding to the Pug’s remarkable and charming personality, in spite of being a small dog. Pugs are fond of children and love playing with them, which make them suitable for families with children. Their relaxed temperament makes them easy to adapt to the presence of other dogs or even cats. Depending on their owner’s mood, they can be docile and calm or lively and playful. Many Pugs are snoozy and can spend a lot of time napping during the day.  Pugs tend to be intuitive and sensitive in regards to their owner’s mood, enjoying to follow them around and staying close. Pugs can’ t tolerate a great deal of exercise, due to their constitutional traits (flattened nose). They benefit from living indoors and have air conditioning available.

Also, Pug Rescue of Florida is having a contest to choose a name for a lovely Pug and the winner will be announced during the event. If you wish to participate you can enter the contest for $10 at their facebook page: or their  website:


If you’re considering enlarging your family, come and check on this event! Pugs are charming and have a lovable personality! We’ll be waiting for you!