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Boarding Your Pet at Hollywood Houndz

June 9th, 2018

When leaving for vacations or for a short weekend trip, you want to be assured that your furry friend will be in good hands, receiving love, attention in a safe environment.

If you’re looking for a professional boarding, you can count with Hollywood Houndz, where your beloved pet will be very welcomed and will have lots of fun in a secure facility.

If it’s the first time boarding with us, you’ll need to bring your pet’s immunization history, so that we know that he/she is current in all vaccines. This measure helps us to preserve a healthy boarding environment and can be done upon your reservation.

In the check-in process, your furry friend will receive a special identification with his/ her name and our phone number. We will remove his/her own collar, as it can represent a hazard and we’ll keep it in a special place, till the end of the stay. As we carefully monitor your pet’s activities during the day, our personnel will be filling forms with information on how many times he/she eats, pees, poos – frequency, consistency. We also allow time for fun, energy-releasing and socialization in our indoor playground, as well as outdoor walking. You’ll also need to provide his/ her medication, if that’s the case and we will take a special note and observation. It’s important to bring your pet’s own food and inform us of when and how you feed him/her.

As we want your pet to fell as if he/she is at home, we advise you to bring an object – blanket, toy or some clothing – which is familiar to them and that reminds home. Taking this measure, we can reduce some sort of separation anxiety.

If you board in a professional facility,  you’ll find all the infra-structure to take good care of your buddies. If you choose the wrong option for your pet, you can be exposing him and even you more than you think.

Before going on vacations, visit us and check our accommodations!  Surely, both you and your furry friend will be relaxed and comfortable!