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Doggy Day Care – Benefits for Pets and Owners

April 10th, 2019

When we think of a Doggy Day Care, the words that come to our mind are fun, socialization, release of energy. However, a professional doggy day care offers much more than that.

The greatest benefit is that your friend will take advantage from supervised socialization, which means that all interactions with other dogs are monitored. If it’s the first time of your pet in a daycare, there will be a socialization test to make sure that he/she feels comfortable with other companions, meaning that socialization happens in a safe place, where people care for the well-being of pets. It’s very important to check and evaluate his willingness to be – or not – around other dogs.

By attending a doggy playground, you provide both physical and mental enrichment for your dog. He can learn how to behave with other friends, enjoying the fun. After a full day, he/she’ll return home more relaxed, happier and will sleep better.

Sometimes, owners feel guilty for leaving their dogs at home alone, when they go to work. In this case, a doggy day care can offer an alternative to your furry friend’s boredom and avoid even some destruction that might happen at home. Dogs need to be busy and entertained.

If you take your pet regularly to a doggy care, he/she can learn to overcome any separation anxiety that he/she may have. Regular visits to day care will show your dog that you leave him, but, at the end, you will return. He’ll be able to better handle separations.

Come and give it a try! Spending a day in our day care will guarantee the fun, safety, your tranquility, providing some learning opportunities for your friend!