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The importance of healthy pet food

October 24th, 2017

The importance of healthy pet food

Pet Food

The saying that we are what we eat isn’t valid just for us, but for our pets as well. That is why if we want them to stay healthy and have a wholesome life, we must care about what food they ingest. In the recent years, a variety of new and interesting dietary options have been produced that aim to provide pets with the best possible nutrition.

Holistic and grain free food

Holistic Pet Food for Dogs

Holistic may sound just like a fancy marketing word, but it has an important and earnest meaning. It means whole, complete, and integral. So holistic food means nutrition that is composed of all of the different nutrients that nature has to offer. It satisfies all of the biological needs of your pet, ensuring that they remain healthy and strong, while they are pleased with a tasty meal.

It is also necessary to discriminate what will provide health benefits and what will simply make your pet fatter. This is why grain free pet food has risen in popularity recently. It isn’t just about the nutrients, but which the best sources of these nutrients are, and how they can be obtained without unnecessary carbs and fat.

A growing trend

There has been growing demand for organic, holistic, wet, and more natural and grain free food for pets. Owner have become more mindful of what their animal companions are eating and what are the most high quality and nutritional options, using wholesome and sustainable ingredients.

It is a way of showing that you care about your pet, a way that guarantees that they are receiving the best possible diet their owner can give them.

Hollywood Houndz is waiting for you

We have multiple choices of healthy pet food available. High quality brands such as Cloud Star, Primal, Stella & Chewy’s, Tuffy’s – Nutri Source, Weruva, Wild Calling, Greenies, Holistic Red Barn, Fromm, Earthborn, Fussie Cat, Pure Vita, Nutri Source and Taste of the Wild are all at you disposition. There isn’t a more sincere way of showing your love for your pets than looking out for their health.