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Leashes – why are they important?

May 8th, 2018

Collars and leashes are available in many colors and designs and make your dog look his best. They can be found in a large variety of materials, like leather, nylon, metal, and polyester. Apart from looking cool, here are a couple of reasons why leashes are important.

Firstly, the leash protects your furry friend.  Imagine that you’re walking your dog in your neighborhood. Possibly, you’ll find other neighbors doing the same thing. If an off-leash dog is also near, both dogs can get excited and jump in each other or there can be some sort of confrontation, as one of the dogs isn’ t under control. In order to avoid an accident, the leash is very important.

Another possible situation is that, without a leash, your dog can enter a road unexpectedly and get hit by a vehicle. You – the owner – can also have the instinct of running after the dog, trying to protect him/her, putting both of you at risk. In this case, a leash can save both your dog and you.

Moreover, if you’re the kind of person who likes jogging or walking at night, reflective clothing and reflective dog leash and collar are advisable. The Pet market even offers glow in the dark LED leashes! Both of you will benefit from the exercise and time together and it’s very important to be visible so that to stay safe and minimize the possibility of being hit.

Without a leash, your dog can get lost. Despite many tales of dogs finding their way back home, this is certainly not very common. Such a heartbreaking experience can be avoided by simply using a leash.


Collars and leashes need to be comfortable, do not cause allergies, cannot be to tide ore to loose. You should also check what are the benefits of retractable and not retractable leash because this could be a bad idea for bid dogs.


Finally, you can offer some leash-free time for your dog, by driving him to a dog fenced park, where he can run freely and release lots of energy. Your backyard works the same way! As we all wish our dogs the healthiest and safest life possible, remember to use a good quality leash and collar when going for a walk!