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Pet Nutrition – Food Rotation During the Year

July 7th, 2018

Pet owners are always involved in finding the best option to feed their furry friends. While there is a wide variety of dry, wet and raw food, a lot of people believe that pets only need to switch their diet as they age, such as in the transition from puppy to adult and then to the senior stage. However, we would like to discuss today the importance of making some seasonal adjustments in your pet’s diet.

In the Summer, the hot weather invites us to spend more time outside. We walk more, go to picnics and engage in outdoor activities. Consequently, as we’re all more active, our dogs need food that can compensate this loss of energy with protein, minerals and vitamins, avoiding fatty meats and warming foods. Instead, we can offer meals at room temperature or slightly cooler. Think of light proteins, such as whitefish, rabbit or duck. Another important point during summer is to pay attention to proper hydration, making sure that our pets have access to clean and fresh water, all day long. It’s also recommended to mix dry food with water or can food, to guarantee that our friends will maintain and adequate hydration.

As temperatures drop, we’re less inclined to exercise our dogs outside, due to the discomfort of the cold weather. So, less exercise means less calorie expenditure and, for this reason, pets need less food. Then, continuing to feed the same amount of food will result in an unhealthy weigh gain.  Another important aspect is to stick to leaner proteins like beef, chicken or fish so that to provide our friends with a more adequate source of protein. It’s also essential to provide water to our pets during winter. Some specialists recommend increasing Omega 3 and Omega 6, which can help to relieve dry and flaky skin and reduce arthritis pain brought by cold conditions. It’s advisable to remember that, during the holidays, it’s a human tendency to share some scraps of food or dog treats. Family is around and may want to gratify our pets with some tasty food. Be aware not to exaggerate with these ‘little gifts’ for you pets.

It’s recommended to rotate different recipes during each couple of months, but with the same brand. If you would like to introduce A new brand of formula in your pet’s diet, remember to start slowly. A good rule is to introduce the new food over a week or more, starting in 25% increments. You can begin with 25% of the new food and 75% of the old one for a few days and evaluate the change. Then, if everything is working smoothly, you can move on with 50% new and 50% old for the same amount of time until the transition is complete. Remember that, if you need advice in regards of which kind of food is more adequate for your friend, visit Hollywood Houndz. We’re here to discuss and find what fits your pet better!