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Professional Boarding or a Pet Sitter ?

December 11th, 2017

Professional Boarding or a Pet Sitter?

Pet owners are always committed to offering the best care and attention to their furry friends.

With the holidays approaching, sometimes we are not able to bring our dear companions with us. If this is your dilemma, don’t hesitate to leave your pet in a professional care. Avoid not professional facilities or not professional pet sitters.

With many years of experience, Hollywood Houndz has a large experience. We go from climate controlled accommodations, comfortable kennels to luxury suites, in order to provide a stress-free experience for your pet.

Our cozy suites include futons, TV, and DVD, toys, linens, and rugs. Our kennels are designed for vet clinics and are designed with a double floor, so that your pet stays clean all times. You’re more than welcome to bring your own pet’s bed, toy or blanket, so that he/she feels more relaxed with a familiar object.

Your pet’s security is of paramount importance for us. When checking-in, we remove the collard, as it can represent a hazard, and identify him/her with the name and our phone number. We closely monitor how the pet is eating, the pee and poop (frequency and consistency), as some pets can experience some sort of separation anxiety and have diarrhea.

We take notes of how well your pet ate and follow your directions, regarding the diet. It’s also frequent to find pets that eat less than they usually do when they board. However, this is also due to anxiety which we try to address offering attention and care. The food is always fresh and nice, as we don’t leave it there at all times unless you give us this recommendation. We pay close attention to your pet’s medication, administrating it very attentively. When we walk dogs, our staff is trained with safety procedures and we use a safety leash. We follow a careful vaccine protocol to provide a healthy ambiance and if an emergency happens, we also have vet’s contacts to assist promptly.

We try to provide our guests with as much as activities possible. We balance indoor and outdoor time, as our staff walks your furry friend and also observes him/her in our brand new indoor playground. Having the opportunity to meet other pets is beneficial for your pet’s socialization, helping to spend energy, giving a sense of relaxation and tranquility that he/ she needs, while away from you.

During the stay, we can also pamper your pet with treats and cookies and schedule an exit bath or a special groom. Definitely, Hollywood Houndz offers security, comfort, socialization, and relaxation that your pet need, when boarding that you won’t find elsewhere.