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Raw Food: how to store, prepare and serve

December 10th, 2018

Feeding your pets a raw diet keeps them looking and feeling younger and improves their overall health, from teeth to digestion. Like humans, pets need good-quality food, that assures the source of ingredients such as meat. If You feed raw, you’ll certainly be able to identify the impact of a well-balanced diet. In this blog, we would like to bring you some tips about how to store, prepare and serve raw food.

When you purchase raw frozen dog food, it needs to stay frozen on the trip back home, as you don’t want the meat to be partially thawed. A good and simple strategy is to bring an insulated picnic bag with a couple of freezer packs.

Then, arriving home, you’ll have to store the raw food in the freezer, much in the same way, as you do with your own “human” food, using, for example, plastic containers. You can separate the food in portions that can be placed in individual containers, writing the expiration date in the outside of the container. Also, some brands have an “easy open-close bags” which make your life even easier.

The next step is serving the food. You should take the food out of the freezer and refrigerate it or leave it at room temperature for a sufficient time for defrosting. You must defrost only the portion for one or two meals, which will be easier, if you followed the previous step and stored the food in individual portions. Don’t use the microwave or other source of warming or defrosting, as it can ruin the benefits of the raw food. Remember to wash your hands before and after handling the raw food.

It’s also important to have a back-up supply of freeze-dried food, in the same protein flavor that your dog prefers, in case you run out of raw food or if you forgot do defrost it.

Dedicating time to prepare your pet’s diet is a way of showing your affection for your furry friend. If you follow these steps of storing, preparing and serving raw food, you’ll be improving his/her health and eating habits. Sometimes You spend a little more in your pet’s diet, but save a lot of money in vet’s bills.  If you need our advice, come to Hollywood Houndz and share your questions!