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Running dogs

January 8th, 2018

Running dogs


As well as being great companions, dogs can help people in various ways.

They assist emergency workers in searches and rescues, they can help people with hearing, sight and mobility impairments and they also support law enforcement officers. Others are included in mental health counseling as a therapeutic strategy to tackle emotional conditions. Moreover, if your 2018 resolutions include trying to keep fit and exercise more, you can definitely count on your furry friend in your new healthy routine!
Running is an excellent option for both you and your dog. Certain breeds are better suited for running than others. For example, small dogs are super cute, but they can’t keep up with exercise. Pugs and Bulldogs aren’t that athletic, as they have difficulty in breathing and also tend to overheat. So, here are some breeds that are more sportive and can help you to accomplish your project:
Weimaraners are excellent running partners. They are energetic and need a great amount of exercise. They can engage in long and steady runs.
German Shorthaired Pointers are medium-sized hunting dogs and highly energetic. They are quick, durable runners and very good at running on trails.
Dalmatians need regular exercise, and running can be a way to burn energy, as they are also very energetic and playful.
Greyhounds are known for their speed and acute eyesight, needing an active exercise routine. They are very fast, being excellent partners for regular exercise.

Labrador Retrievers are both active and obedient, being able to handle long-distance runs and busy trails.
Border Collies are known for their athleticism and intelligence, needing and enjoying a lot of activity. They are a good match for highly active owners.
An athletic dog can be the perfect motivation for a nice and long run. Running with your dog is also an opportunity to strength the bonds with him/ her and to find out a new way to have fun together and stay healthy. So, ask Your vet if your dog’s health is okay to exercise and enjoy!