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The Controversy of Euthanasia

October 10th, 2018

Sooner or later, “put your pet to sleep” can be a dilemma you may face. Seeing the suffering of any being is very painful and many veterinarians end up advising euthanasia. But be cautious: some professionals may advise euthanasia for problems that can be circumvented, such as the paralysis of the hindlimbs. It is not because a dog is paraplegic that he cannot live a normal life.

Euthanasia is for extreme cases. But is it fair to take the life of a being? This is a very controversial issue and many have contradictory opinions.

The decision for euthanasia, for example, shouldn’t take place because of medical expenses or lack of time to care for the animal. Your veterinarian should participate at this time and indicate the medical criteria to be followed, always considering situations that are irreversible.

Generally, euthanasia is considered in cases in which the pet isn’t able to move by himself, when he has serious injuries and recovery is almost impossible, when he stopped eating or drinking, when he’s unable to meet his physiological needs, when he has cancer in an advanced stage and, finally , when the welfare of the animal is irreversibly compromised.

Once euthanasia is decided, the veterinarian will use methods that will reduce anxiety, fear and pain. The method should also lead to immediate loss of consciousness, followed by death. It still needs to be safe enough to ensure that the animal does not survive the procedure, which would cause even more pain and suffering.

Euthanasia is an important and difficult decision. Some people believe that it is best to end the suffering of the animal. Others think that life has to run its course and the animal must die naturally. Only those who go through this situation know how difficult it is to see their pet suffering.

Whatever your opinion is, remember that you should try to do your best to give a decent and happy life to your dog or cat. If you decide for euthanasia, don’t feel guilty.  Remember that life is finite, both for them and for us and you have decided with your heart and what you believed to be the best. And rest assured: one day that pain will become a smile, a sweet memory!