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Answers Pet Food – Brand of the Month

March 16th, 2020
Answer Pet Food - Product of the month
Pet Food

Answers is a small company based in Pennsylvania that offers a sustainable way of organic, pasture-raised farming that protects the food state, the environment, animals, and our pets’ well-being.

Answers’ products are the only fermented raw pet food available on the market, made without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetics or artificial additives, antibiotics, or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Answers’ nutrient-dense diets are specially formulated for dogs and cats of all ages. All formulas offer advanced nourishment and competitive inhibition through fermentation, using no high pressure processing (HPP), and with no bacteriophages, freeze-drying, or dehydration. Answers number one ingredient is single-sourced meat from pastured and grass-fed livestock, along with fermented organic vegetables and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals. Recipes don’t contain grains, gluten, or fillers.

Customers can find fermented raw milks for dogs and cats – fermented raw cow milk kefir, fermented raw goat milk – fermented bone broth – fermented fish stock and turkey stock with fermented beet juice – limited-ingredient diet – straight raw beef, chicken, pork, and turkey –  complete and balanced diet for dogs and cats – detailed raw chicken, raw pork, raw beef and raw turkey – raw cow cheese – organic cumin, organic garlic, organic turmeric with black pepper – raw goat cheese – organic cherries, organic blueberries, cranberries, ginger and turmeric – fermented organic raw chicken feet and fermented pasteurized raw pig feet.

Raw milks are fermented, a process which provides ease of digestion and live enzymes for maximum nutrient absorption. They also contain vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, serving as a nutritional aid with any diet. Fermented Bone Broths are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding. Limited-ingredient Diet is ideal for dogs with food sensitivities. The Complete and Balance Diet for dogs and cats of all ages is a nutrient-dense raw diet of wholefoods. Ingredients include whole cuts of grassfed meat, organic poultry, and pastured pork, with fermented organic vegetables, organic duck eggs, cod liver, and grassfed raw butter. No additional food or supplements are needed. Raw cow and goat cheese are intended to be a treat line and are enhanced with organic superfoods. They provide healthy protein, fats and beneficial bacteria. Fermented Raw Organic chicken and pig feet are also a treat idea for advanced nutrition.

If you need help starting or adjusting a raw diet, tell us! We’ll love to know more about your pet’s age, breed and overall health, so that he can benefit from a healthier diet!