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Benefits of a Grain-free Diet

December 11th, 2019

There is a popular “human” saying that states that “we are what we eat”. As responsible owners, we have to be aware of the food that we give to our dogs, as, if we pick the right one, our furry friends will be healthy and live longer. On the other hand, a poor diet can bring about digestive upsets, nutritional deficiencies and skin problems.

Also, if you feed your buddy with a good quality brand you’ll save some money in vet bills…

See below some benefits of a grain-free diet:

  • A grain-free diet is connected with a better coat health. As the ingredients of a grain-free diet include many that are rich in omega fatty acids, this benefits your furry friend’s coat condition. Many dogs also improve their skin condition, having less skin allergies and less shading;
  • Your friend’s stool will be smaller and your furry friend will go less frequently to the bathroom, as the ingredients in grain-free food help slow the transit time of food through the intestines. Also, most part of the kibble is absorved what explains why the stoll is smaller;
  • Some dogs are allergic to corn, wheat or other grains. Then, switching to a grain-free diet can help put an end to their allergic symptoms, improving their quality of life;
  • A grain-free diet avoids bad breath or diminishes it. Grains tend to leave carbohydrates on your dog’s teeth, which can promote bad oral health and cavities;
  • Many grain-free diets include probiotics, which can provide flatulence relief. In dogs, gas is not necessarily an unhealthy thing, but it’s more an inconvenience;
  • At this moment, most of the good brands are suplementing their grain free lines with Taurine and Celenium to help prevent DCM (a genetic condition);
  • A grain-free diet contains more protein than grain-based dog food. Grains contain more calories and are cheaper for manufactures;