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Boarding – The Anxiety of Pet Owners

September 7th, 2020

So, you start planning a vacation and realize that it won’t be possible to take your furry friend with you. You start to figure out how you’d manage to relax at the same time that you “leave your friend behind” … Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many dog owners feel anxious or even guilty, when faced with the decision to board their furry companions. Relax! There are a lot of ways to manage these feelings! 

First, it’s a good idea to choose a top-quality boarding facility. You can ask for a complete tour where you’ll be able to see how the routine is handled. It’s important to verify if the facility has a good and adequate hygiene system or cleaning protocol  and if the accommodations are tidy.  Talking about accommodations, boarding facilities vary a lot in this matter. Look for how spacious the accommodations are. Hollywood Houndz has a wide range of options from medium  and large suites with real beds, TVs,  and oversized  and comfortable kennels. It’s important to check the activities that your pet will be involved during the day, if there’s play time, rest time  and how the staff monitors social interactions. With adequate supervision your furry friend will stay safe! 

Another important aspect is to pay attention to safety  and security matters,  and if kennels have individual lockers doors properly closed. Also check which vaccinations are required: this procedure protects everyone who will be boarding at the same time that your furry friend will.

If your dog has any special needs – such as raw food preparation of any fresh food diet – share  and ask the establishment to follow your habits. A responsible facility wants your dog to feel at home!

When the day of your trip finally arrives, even if you’re still having separation anxiety from leaving your dog or cat, avoid letting your pet sensing your unease. Although your heart may be racing  and you’re feeling guilty, tell your furry friend: “I’ll be back, see you later” or do what you normally would do when you leave your pet. 

Avoid “Oh my dog, goodbye, I’m going to miss you” … Don’t make the farewell long, so your anxiety do not stess your pet.

During your time away, you can send a message  and check how your friend is doing or have the facility send you a picture.  It’s important that not only you have time for your self-care but that also you enjoy your vacation. When you come back, you’ll be a reenergized pet-parent!

If you ever need to board your pets, talk with us! Share your concerns and what’s important for you. Hollywood Houndz wants to provide a Super Star experience for your pet, while you enjoy your time away!