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Dog Breeds – Beagles

September 9th, 2019

Friendly, curious, merry, and excellent family dogs, Beagles are part of the hound group. They weight between 20 to 30 pounds and live from 10 to 15 years.

Some specialists say that this breed’s name comes from Gaelic word “beag”, that means “little”. Around 1500, most English gentlemen had Beagles as hunting companions. Beagles were brought to America after the Civil War and were popular amongst American rabbit hunters.

Beagles are active, energetic, clever and require a lot of playtime every day with their owner or with a furry companion. Leaving Beagles alone in the backyard or inside your house for long periods of time it’s not advisable, as they may become destructive. It’s better that the outside area has a fence at least five feet tall that extends underground to prevent tunneling. When walking, Beagles must be taken on a leash, as their strong hunting instinct will compel them to run after any smell.

Beagles have a dense double coat that gets heavier in the winter. Although Spring is the shedding season, Beagles also shed year-round. Weekly brushing is recommended to remove loose hair and promote new hair growth. Regular visits to a professional groomer are beneficial to preserve their appearance and have their nails trimmed to avoid problems when walking and running.

Next time you go to Hollywood Houndz, bring your Beagle and let him enjoy our playground. We provide a safe and fun environment, so that your friend can both socialize with other dogs and spend some energy!