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Dog Breeds – Bichon Frise

June 11th, 2019

Playful and curious, Bichons Frise are part of the “non-sporting group”. Their life expectancy is around 14 years and their weight ranges from 12 to 18 pounds. The breed is famous for its velvety coat and for expressive black dark eyes.

Bichons get on well with other dogs and children, which makes them great companions for families. They have an easy-going temperament, and “think” that there are no strangers, just friends that they haven’t met yet. On average, Bichons are quite active. As they need playtime, another dog can be a fine exercise companion. Going to daycare can be a great addition to Bichon’s routine, as they can socialize and spend some energy at the same time.

Speaking about their coat, extra care is demanded, to keep it fresh, clean, and healthy. They need to be brushed every day to prevent mats from forming or, at least, three times a week. Therefore, professional grooming is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks, so that the coat is taken care and nails trimmed regularly.

Although Bichons are known for being difficult to housebreak, they respond very well to training, when it’s based on positive rewards. However, a Bichon’s owner has to be mindful of the amount the treats that you give to your furry friend as the breed is prone to overweight. Like other breeds, it’s important to offer high-quality food, based on your dog’s singular needs considering age, size, and overall health.

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