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Dog Breeds – Bulldog

May 9th, 2019

Bulldogs are friendly, easygoing, courageous and calm creatures that are part of the non-sporting group of dogs. They live around 9 years and can weigh up to 50 pounds, needing regular to moderate exercise.

Bulldogs love to chew and most of them can chew toys for their whole life. They are playful and enjoy relaxing next to their owner’s feet. As in other breeds, exercise is helpful. However, owners have to be vigilant to ensure that their furry friends don’t become overheated. In hot and humid weather, Bulldogs can breathe heavily, as they have a short snout. They should never be left unsupervised in hot sun or without having access to water and shade. When overexcited or breathing too hard, their tongue will hang out unusually. Giving fresh water and some ice can help them to cool down. In very warm days, there is no better place than home with air-conditioning!

Bulldog owners must take care of their friend’s wrinkles in the face, which need to be regularly cleaned, as food or moisture can get trapped and cause irritation or infection. Ears and the area under the tail should also be refreshed and nails must be trimmed every two weeks or so. A professional bath is recommended and, sometimes, an oatmeal shampoo is beneficial for their sensitive skin.

It’s important to maintain a healthy diet, so that your Bulldog can keep fit, as this breed is prone to get overweight. Treats can be helpful in a training process, but giving too much can cause obesity. Also, remember to have fresh water available all the times. The hot season is approaching!

Your babies need the best, and Hollywood Houndz can help you to select a healthy food brand for your Bulldog, and to give you advice on grooming services. It’s our pleasure to welcome you in our store!