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Dog Breeds – Dalmatians

July 9th, 2019

Dalmatians are smart and outgoing dogs, part of the non-sporting group. They live around 12 years and can weigh between 45 to 70 pounds. Dals can be aloof with strangers and dependable watchdogs.

Researchers say that this breed was found in Central Europe along the Adriatic Sea, in the region known as Dalmatia, around 1800. They were originally bred to guard horses and coaches and used to accompany gypsies around Europe. The English have a special preference for this breed and gave Dals nicknames such as “English Coach Dog” and “Plum Pudding Dog”, as Dal’s spots resemble the candied fruit and nuts in a traditional British holiday dessert.

Dalmatians are wonderful partners for runners and hikers. They need regular exercise to stay fit and happy. Chasing a ball in the backyard or running with a jogging or biking owner makes them happy and keep them busy. They are energetic dogs and need every opportunity to spend it!

Hollywood Houndz’s owner, Alex, had a Dal when he was 9 years old. His name was Snoopy and he was the sweetest dog ever. They had so many good moments and Snoopy also protected Alex in several occasions. Once, Alex’s car broke near his parents’ house during the night. It was dark and no soul was around. Snoopy just appeared from nowhere and stayed with Alex until a ride came.

In the next day, Alex woke up and Snoopy, that used to sleep with him, wasn’t there. That was one of the scariest moments. So, Alex remembered about the car and ran to check if Snoopy was there. He was! He guarded the car the whole night! Dals are smart like that and real companions!

In terms of grooming, as Dalmatians have very short coat, occasional baths and weekly brushing will keep them looking their best. Nails need to be trimmed at least once a month and their ears need attention as they usually flop down.

In your next visit to Hollywood Houndz, bring your Dal and let him/her have some fun in our climate-controlled playground! It’s a good opportunity to make new friends and release energy!