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Dogs and Temperature

October 9th, 2019

Some dog owners’ question whether their furry friends are able to feel hot or cold and adapt to the change in temperature. Researchers have confirmed that dogs are able to sense differences in temperatures, which makes it important to identify the signs that your dog gives, when he’s feeling hot or cold.

When your friend feels hot, he probably pants to cool down, as dogs don’t sweat like humans. In some occasions, dogs pant when excited. Therefore, panting isn’t something to worry about always. But, if it happens excessively and it’s paired with getting weak, this can mean that your dogs is overheating.  Also, when feeling hot, a dog can seek shelter or not want to put his paws in the pavement. In extreme cases, a dog can even have a seizure or become unconscious.

Dog’s fur helps them to insulate their body and so does body fat. However, a dog can still get too cold and start shaking. Dogs can also whine and cry when they feel cold. Don’t leave your friend for too long outside, if temperatures are very low.

There are a few things that you can do to help your dog keep cool in the summer and warm during winter. With hotter temperatures, it’s important to offer water as much as possible, whether inside or outside the house. Remember to monitor the pavement’s temperature, when going for walks, as paws are sensitive and can be burned. In the winter, you can buy a cozy bed, a blanket, a sweater, socks or boots to protect your furry friend. Supervise outdoor activity to check if temperatures are inhospitable.

  Keep in mind that your furry friend should never be exposed to extreme weather conditions. And have confidence in yourself identifying your friend’s signs if he feels too hot or too cold. Visit Hollywood Houndz to find your friend’s winter outfit, blanket and bed!