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What to Expect When Boarding your Dog

June 11th, 2019

It’s the first time that you’re boarding your dog. As it’s a new experience, you miss your dog and you’re excited to go and pick your furry friend up. But, at the same time, you feel confused and don’t know what to expect next. Don’t worry! You’re not the only pet owner who has this feeling. After reading this blog you will have some information about what to expect following a dog’s boarding.

As with a little kid that spends a day in kindergarten, your dog can show two types of reactions: he/she either show excitement for being reunited with you or, on the contrary, may ignore you for a while. There are some dogs that can  behave badly when they arrive at home. Don’t panic!  With time, your dog will get back to normal, once the routine in their familiar place is back. Give your friend lots of love and attention and be sure he/she will adjust.

Changes in appetite are common. Your dog may eat a lot more than usual when comes back home. This doesn’t mean that he/she wasn’t fed during their stay. Simply, there are dogs that feel stressed when faced with a new and unfamiliar situation. In consequence, they’ll lose their appetite. Allow a few days, and things will get back to normal.

Dogs can come home with an upset stomach. As reactions to unusual situations are very personal, there are dogs that experience anxiety and stress, when they are in kennels, which may result in vomiting or in a runny tummy.  Dogs can also feel overexcited about coming home, which can also impact their stomach.

Sleeping patterns can  change, when your dog returns home from boarding. There are dogs that have a hard time sleeping in the presence of other dogs, which can result in sleeping for a longer time when back home. On the other hand, your dog can also appear more tired than he/she normally is, which can be due to the playtime that your friend had, if the boarding facility offers supervised playground time. Sleep will also resume to normal after a few days.

Don’t worry if, after boarding, your furry friend presents little changes is temperament, eating and sleeping patterns. Once reassured that routine is back, everything will be all right! When looking for a professional boarding facility, consult us! Our expertise, love and care you’ll make your friend’s stay as pleasant and safe as possible!