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Grooming Cats

February 19th, 2021
Cat paw
Grooming Cats

Sometimes, owners get their cats groomed to keep them looking their best. However, the fact is that grooming is an integral part of your cat’s health  and well-being. The amount of grooming your cat needs depends on their coat type, but adequate grooming is important for all cats. Here you’ll find information about why grooming is so important.

One of the main reasons to groom your cat is to prevent flea  and tick infestation. Bathing will help to spot these pests  and will also kill them. Remember also to combine grooming with “environmental treatment”, such as washing your cat’s bed  and blanket, for a better outcome.

Brushing feels good to most cats, as they feel like they’re getting a nice massage, while removing dead hair. It stimulates new growth, brings your cat’s natural oils to their skin,  and prevents matting on longer coats. Removing dirt  and debris out of your cat’s coat will also make them more comfortable, preventing further matting.

One important part of the grooming process is cutting nails. Long nails can be unhealthy  and uncomfortable for domestic cats, as they don’t use their claws as much as feral cats do. Overgrown nails can cause a lot of pain  and discomfort  and nail trimming must be included in the grooming process. Grooming also prevents ear infections, as it keeps the inside of your cat’s ears clean of wax build up, fluid, dirt  and debris.

One of the greatest benefits of grooming is that your regular groomer will become more familiar with the marks on your cat’s skin, being able to quickly feel any underlying lumps  and bumps  and spot any changes on your cat’s skin. Early detection is important for all diseases, so using regular grooming to help go over your cat’s body will improve your chances of finding anything abnormal as soon as possible.

Call us  and schedule your cat’s next grooming appointment at Hollywood Houndz! Your cat will be healthy  and will receive a star treatment!