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Grooming Difficult Dogs

December 16th, 2020

Although most humans enjoy “a spa-day”, some dogs aren’t comfortable being groomed. In this blog, we’ll bring information about why it happens  and some alternatives to try to make the experience more pleasant (or less stressfull) for your dog, the groomer,  and for you.

Your dog’s experience starts with the first visit. It is very important to make it  pleasant  and comfortable. 

Don’t wait too long to take your dog to the groomer. If you do, he can get matted  and brushing  and dematting may be annoying  and even painfull. Bring your pet at least every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the length of the fur.

If it is a puppy, the first appointment should be fast, so it’s important to schedule a bath or a “mini groom” which is a quicker service,  and not a full ( and longer) one. Little by little, your dog will get used to the environment  and to being touched by a specialized groomer.

Another important item is that, sometimes, dogs need a break! St anding on a grooming table for a long period, may be tiring  and your puppy will need some rest.  Walking  and going to the bathroom may calm him down. At Hollywood Houndz we observe all signs of stress  and try to make it easy for all.

If, in the past, you groomed your dog in a salon where groomers have less time or patience, the first experience may have not been good. If this case, your dog could have some sort of trauma, which results in the association of being groomed with being restrained or manipulated in a rough way. 

Another factor is anxiety. If your dog is anxious, it’s a good idea to schedule the grooming service when the salon is calmer. Another alternative is to give your friend some sort of sedative or calming pills

. Some are medications that your vet would prescribe, but there are herbal supplements available that can be bought in pet stores. When the dog is calmer, the risks of acidentally being cut decrease.

Teaching your dog to enjoy being groomed can take some time. You can count on us to help you in your journey. Give us a call  and schedule your next grooming appointment!