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Halloween – dangers for dogs and cats

October 9th, 2019

With Halloween around the corner, this blog will give you some tips about a safe celebration, so that you can keep your four-legged kids protected.

Dressing up your cat or dog for Halloween can be fun! On the other hand, you have to check if your pet feels comfortable in their costume ahead of time. You may do this by introducing their costume piece by piece in a process called desensitization. After trying this procedure, if your pet doesn’t seem to be liking it that much, don’t force it. Take some quick pictures and take off the costume! Your furry friend’s discomfort is not worth it… If your pet feels fine, remember to supervise him, to avoid any chewing, which can result in a digestive upset and even a visit to the veterinary. Avoid masks, as they can obstruct your pet’s vision and/or his ability to breathe.

If you plan to take your pet with you for trick-or-treating, make sure to include a reflective material to the costume to increase visibility. Also, keep him in a leash all the time.

Speaking about treats, make sure you and your kids don’t leave any chocolate, mints, hard candies, sugar-free gum, lying around anywhere accessible to your pet. If you will be participating in trick-or-treating, make sure to lock these items away, and talk with your family about potential dangers of eating human treats. Raisins and grapes should also be avoided, as eating them can lead to acute kidney failure. Before Halloween, shop for some dog’s and cat’s treats and be sure that your friend you’ll have fun!

Be mindful of Halloween home decoration, as pets tend to use their mouths to explore their environment. A curious pet or a bored one can ingest spider webs, pumpkins or rubber spiders. Halloween decorations can obstruct the digestive tract and require emergency care.

This list isn’t supposed to frighten you, but to stimulate you to prevent some hazards and make your holiday more enjoyable and fun. If necessary, keep your friend in a back room of the home where he feels comfortable and safe, and avoid the commotion of your door ringing every minute. Remember to go to Hollywood Houndz to shop for treats! You’ll find many options to entertain your friend!