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How to Choose a Place to Board Your Pet?

November 23rd, 2016

Boarding and Dog Daycare

Finding the Best Fit for Your Pet


Leaving your pet behind while you go to work or on vacation can be a difficult part of your day. Maybe it’s so difficult because the place that you are leaving your furbaby doesn’t meet the best standards. From your friend’s house to the vet to boarding locations, there are tons of options for boarding your pets. Here are some factors to look for in a boarding facility:



Comfort is the most important factor in boarding. If pets are kept in too cold or hot quarters, they will feel discomfort and unhappy. Make sure that your pet is staying in a roomy area with a cozy bed or blanket, regulated air temperature, and warm, welcoming people to check on him/her. At Hollywood Houndz, we offer excellent boarding for your pets in spacious kennels, as well as the option for them to stay in our pet suites. Our suites come in various sizes and consist of a large, cushy futon mattress for your pet to relax on, and a flat screen television for your pet to enjoy a movie, such as “Happy Feet” or “101 Dalmatians.” Our goal is to keep your pet as comfortable as possible while you are away.


Frequent Walks

Good boarding places will walk your dogs frequently, so they can get exercise, fresh air, some play time, and a little relief. At Hollywood Houndz, we walk each dog numerous times a day in a large grassy area. We want the pups to feel relaxed and by going on multiple walks, we can spend some quality time with them.


Options of Boarding

Do they offer short-term and long-term boarding? Some boarding places put a limit and a maximum amount on the time that a pet can be boarded. This may cause you to end your vacation early or leave your pet at home, alone for the day. At Hollywood Houndz, we offer pet boarding for any length of time needed. Additionally, we also offer daycare for those pet owners that don’t want to leave their dog alone during a long day but need to go to work or go on a day trip. Our boarding is flexible to fit your schedule, no matter how hectic it may be, with early drop-offs and late pick-ups upon request.


Boards Both Cats and Dogs

Not all boarding places will board cats as well as dogs, leaving feline owners at a loss. At Hollywood Houndz, cats and dogs receive the same compassion and facilities for boarding. Cats are not left out of any of our boarding treatments. Our staff members will pay cats, as well as dogs, visits to play and hang out with them. So you don’t need to worry about where to board your kitty anymore.


Years of Experience

Typically, a boarding facility that has been in business for a longer amount of time will have more experience working with different breeds and accommodating pets with special needs. Our pet boutique has over 10 years of experience boarding, grooming and providing high-quality pet products. Our boarding staff is formed by attentive, experienced professionals who have the knowledge and patience needed to provide your pets with the best stay.  


Option to Keep Your Pets Together

Some boarding places will separate your pets, leaving them all alone. At Hollywood Houndz you can board your pets together. If you have multiple pets, and they get along well with each other, you have the option to keep them in the same suite or large kennel, where they can stay with members of their own family. This may help your pets feel more comfortable during their stay.  

Unlike a friend or a neighbor, our employees don’t just keep a close eye on your pets, they also keep a log of their activity. We want to ensure that your pets are happy and healthy. From logging how often they’re walked to any unusual behavior they might display, you’ll know everything about your pet and their stay with us.

Whether you have a mischievous cat or a massive dog, our team at Hollywood Houndz will make sure your pet feel at home and is treated like family in our comfortable environment. To learn more about our boarding, our daycare program, or to schedule a visit, contact us!