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Reasons to “Shop Small” Year-round

May 10th, 2020

According to the Small Business Administration – SBA – there are 28 million small businesses operating in the U.S. that are responsible for 66% of all new jobs in the country. Small businesses are a BIG deal and there are many reasons to support them!

Firstly, small businesses create local jobs. The more you shop at a local store, the more potential job opportunities your can help them provide. Citing again the SBA, since 1990, small businesses added 8 million jobs in their local communities!

Then, when you spend money in the neighborhood, sales taxes stay in the neighborhood. You help fund public education, parks, street improvements, and public services workers, as firefighters. Small businesses give back to the community.

Also, small businesses create a sense of community. Human beings seek a feeling of belonging in towns where they live. So, it’s natural to look for connections with those with whom we share our neighborhood. 

Local establishments provide great customer service. You won’t find a tailored, unique and personal service in big chains or in on-line store. You can builda personal relationship with the owner who knows who you and your pet are.  

Local businesses look for local services themselves. For example, if a store needs accounting services or contractors for construction, they’ll look in their own local community to buy the services they need. The community gets stronger! Doing so, local owners help each other to succeed.

Shopping locally it’s about preserving and strengthening your local community! Small businesses are what built America, having a major economic impact in our society.  Keep stimulating the maintenance and the growth of our small businesses! Shop small during COVID and year-round! We look forward to assisting you with what you and your furry friends need! Thanks for supporting us!

We struggle together we win together!