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Science – How Pets Improve our Mental Health

March 21st, 2021

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Our furry friends are part of our family! The relationship between dogs, cats  and humans evolved over time  and so does the study of the relationship between pets  and human health.

Research focused on the human-animal interaction shows that the companionship provided by dogs  and cats has a lot of benefits both for people  and for the animals involved. HABRI – The Human Animal Bond Research Institute – is a non-profit organization that funds research related to the health benefits of pets  and human interaction  and advocates that this relationship is an essential element of human wellness, important for quality of life, physical  and mental health.

Recent research exploring the impact of pets in human’s mental health uncovered new benefits for stress, depression,  and post-traumatic stress disorder. For example, service dogs can help alleviate symptoms in veterans with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), lowering overall symptoms, decreasing levels of depression, providing higher levels of satisfaction  and psychological well-being. Pets also impact social isolation, helping people get connected  and engage socially. These findings support the efficacy of service dogs as a complementary treatment for PTSD.

Pets also help owners manage their feelings, providing a powerful distraction from stress of having a mental health problem. Also, there is scientific evidence that therapy dogs help college students in reducing the stress associated with adaptation to new environments. There is a growing body of research that supports the benefits of pets for people of all ages  and health conditions.

The more people learn about health benefits of the human-animal bond, the more likely we are to see an increase in pet-friendly workplaces, apartment buildings, pets in the classroom, in nursing homes, hospitals, college campus  and beyond.

If you have a pet, great! If you still don’t, it’s time to think about your healt! At Hollywood Houndz we’ll be ready to help you find the best balance to for your furry frient life!