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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

November 15th, 2019

Some owners feel tempted to share that delicious turkey and mashed potatoes with their furry friends that look at them with those “starving eyes”. Sorry to tell you, but this is a bad idea. Fatty foods can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, or a pancreatitis – which is a life-threatening condition that we all want to avoid. Some strips of boneless and skinless turkey is fine, but resist the temptation to overdo it!

  A good way to keep your pet busy and happy during meals, is to shop, in advance for some treats for him. Hollywood Houndz has plenty of them, with different sizes and flavors. Alternatively, you can also buy those toys which can be stuffed with your pet’s food. For sure, your friend will be busy for a long time!

Go for a long walk or let your buddy exercise in your backyard, so that, during the feast, your pet is resting after having spent lots of energy…

Don’t leave plates with bones lying around. Cooked turkey bones can be sharp and potentially dangerous. If you can’t dispose of everything right away, put the plates is an unreachable area, where your pet won’t have access to it. Again, before Thanksgiving, shop for a treat or bone adequate for the size and age of your pet.

People sometimes don’t think about raw dough and its harmful effects on pets. Your pet’s warm stomach makes the dough rise, which can cause pain, vomiting, and bloating – conditions that can send both of you to an ER on Thanksgiving.

Hollywood Houndz would like to thank all our dear customers for their loyalty during this year. It’s our mission to provide the best experience and services for owners and pets. We hope you can enjoy the day with your family and loved ones!