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Tips About Grooming Your Puppy for the First Time

November 11th, 2020
Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming

Many dog owners worry about when to bring their puppies for grooming services for the first time. Actually, this first visit is very important, as it sets the tone for how your furry friend will feel about the grooming process for the rest of his life. Owners want to assure that their friend is calm, comfortable,  and that he has a good experience.

Starting early means making sure that the first grooming appointment happens as soon as possible. Many pet parents make the mistake of waiting way too long before taking their pup in for grooming. There are pet experts that advise taking your pup before reaching 16 weeks. Make sure that your friend has his shots first!

If you wait too long he can get matted  and brushing could be a traumatic experience.

It’s also important to bring in your friend in a day when the pet salon is calmer. Remember that puppies have never been on a grooming table, heard clippers, or a blow dryer. A pup is figuring out the world  and a quiet environment helps him feel less anxious about what’s going on.

The owner’s attitude is also important, as owners are able to model calm behavior during this first visit. Keep your goodbye short  and don’t make it emotional. This is an important part of dog training in general. It’s crucial to minimize the emotional intensity of your greeting  and departure. Simply say something gentle to your furry friend, something that reassures him.

The first experience in a grooming salon should be full of joy  and treats. As soon as you come in, give him something tasty. Also, it needs to be as quick as possible, so it’s recommended to schedule just a bath or a “mini” groom.

Being a new pet parent, it’s recommended that you find an ideal place for your puppy grooming. This means that you’ll need to research a professional  and safe pet salon. Hollywood Houndz has trustworthy groomers that are committed to offering the best experience for your pet  and for you. Don’t feel shy to tell us that it’s your first time grooming your pet! We’ll be more than happy to assist you with love  and a superstar treatment!