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Tips for Walking Dogs During Summer

July 8th, 2019

High temperatures and sunny days invite us to go outdoors and enjoy nature. Sometimes, we don’t take into account some essential facts, when walking with our furry friends during the summer. This blog will bring some important insights so that you can have a safe and pleasant time with your pets.

The first thing to pay attention is your dog’s amount of water ingestion. If your dog doesn’t drink much water regularly, you can mix raw goat’s milk or beef/ chicken or other broth to your dog’s dry food. These ingredients help with hydration. Goat’s milk is especially beneficial, as it’s a source of easily digested probiotics that can help with many chronic diseases, including liver disease, kidney stones, diabetes, and diarrhea. In the absence of goat’s milk or broth, water can also be added to your dog’s dry food.

Walking your dog is also something that requires your attention on hot days. An excellent way to measure if it’s too hot to go outside and walk your dog is to think if you would walk with your bare feet on the pavement. If you don’t feel comfortable to do so, your dog won’t feel either. Then, dog owners are encouraged to limit walks to early morning or evening to avoid paw pad damage and even heatstroke that occur when heat-dissipating mechanisms of the dog’s body can’t deal with excessive external heat.

An alternative is to play with your furry friend in your grassy backyard or in a dog’s park. Remember to supervise your friend, carry water and offer it from time to time. Take also breaks in the shade. Consider driving your dog to an indoor playground, where he/she can have fun protected from the sun.
Never leave your friends in hot vehicles! It can be very dangerous as they can die within minutes, even in the shade and /or with windows open.

Stay cool and healthy during the summer! Consider these tips and enjoy the weather with the whole family! If your dog needs some paly time, bring him to our climate-controlled playground!