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What can Happen When Boarding Your Pets

December 16th, 2020

Pet Boarding / Kennel

When you plan to take some days off or you need to leave town, boarding your pets is quite convenient. It’s important to make some research about your options, as the process involves certain peculiarities that are better handled by a professional, safe and caring boarding facility.

  As with humans, pets can become anxious when they leave their home environment.  So, if you ever need to board your babies, you can bring a toy, a piece of clothing or an object that reminds your pet of home. Even doing so, doesn’t guarantee that your furry friend will adjust easily. Pets can have somatic symptoms, such as diarrhea, that can last for one or two days. Others lose their appetite for the same amount of time. In both cases, time is the “best medicine”. With time, love and patience, your friend will be fine. If the boarding facility has a playground or offers a daycare service, it’s advisable to bring your pet there before boarding, so that he can, little by little, be more familiarized with the environment. He can play and start associating that the hotel brings him a good time.

When pets are having a hard time adjusting, professional boarding facilities will be able to evaluate the situation and to call or not the owner. On one hand, it’s expected that pets will show some sort of reaction to boarding. In the majority of the cases, as said before, it’s a matter of time for the pet to adjust. On the other hand, there are pets that become over anxious, even eating their beds, blankets or scratching their nose on the door. This is why it’s so important to choose a facility where pets are constantly monitored. At Hollywood Houndz, we maintain a “daily journal” of your babies, watching if your pet ate well, if he went to the bathroom without any problems, with he played happily in the playground or if something unusual happened. Such surveillance is necessary to guarantee your pet’s safety and your peace of mind.

If you ever need to board your friend, talk to us. Your pet is part of your family 

we want you to have a good time while you’re away, without worrying. Also, we want your pet to feel at home!