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Is taking my dog to travel with me worthwhile?

January 13th, 2020

Buldog traveling by car

Bringing a dog to travel with you is a personal decision. It’s all about your relationship with your dog, how he behaves, and where you go. This can be tiring and there may be limitations. Before deciding whether or not to take your dog on a trip, consider the following:

          Traveling with animals by plane is possible, but it is a stressful, tiring trip for pets and may not be cheap. This can also be a problem if the destination is too hot or too cold. If the trip is by plane, lasting less than 2 weeks, leaving them in a boarding facility may be the best option.

          If you are thinking of just traveling to one destination and spending all your vacation there, this is not a big concern. But if you have multiple destinations, you need to think about how to get around with your dog. If your dog is small, it all gets easier. A small dog is better accepted in hotels and can walk by public transportation almost everywhere, as long as it stays in a bag.

          Low cost airlines do not usually accept animals traveling not even in the cabin. Some trains don’t let animals in it at all. Public transportation is not always pet friendly. Before you buy your tickets, make sure that you can get from one place to another with your pet somehow. Consider renting a car or a RV.

          If your dog is anxious, the experience might not be the best. If you go out to a museum or somewhere he can’t go, staying at the hotel can be a bad idea. You have to train him before you go out. Barking at hotels or becoming destructive could be an issue and you won’t be able to enjoy your ride.

          Bringing a dog on a trip can be an amazing or a very traumatic experience.
Whatever your decision is, we are here to help, whether with travel tips or offering the best and most comfortable accommodations for your dog in our 5 star hotel. Give us a call!